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I am I am PRADEEPTA DASH. I am the engineering manager for LinkedIn and for such a team for the flagship apps. You know that LinkedIn is the premier social network for professionals. We are consistently one of the top apps on Google Play.

We have million-plus reviews. We are consistently 4+ stars.

Our users are really appreciative of how stable the app is, how it really helps them bring their professional profile power.

​Here I want to introduce you with my friend Drew Hannay.

Drew Hannay works in the Android Infrastructure team at LinkedIn. His team is responsible for the overall health of our Android application.

They take care of releases to Google Play, testing pipeline for the app, or build pipeline.

​One of the tools that my team has been excited about is the APK analyzer tool.

​This is because we spend a lot of time paying attention to the size of our app, and it required some expertise to figure out what is causing your app to be a certain size.

But now that we have the APK analyzer tool;

​We've been able to expand that knowledge throughout the entire team.

​LinkedIn was an early adopter of Gradle.

​So adopting Gradle for Android was a pretty natural fit for us;

​Because we share a lot of our custom plug-in logic that we've built,and we can also get consistent builds across developer machines and our build service.

​One thing that's really benefited us is the Lint system, which has a lot of built-in checks for common problems.

​And we've appreciated being able to write our own custom Lint checks for LinkedIn-specific internal libraries.

​With so many developers checking into the code base, one thing that help onboarding someone new has a consistent code style throughout the code base.

​Android Studio lets us define a custom code style that each developer can add and automatically have their code form attend in the LinkedIn style.

​One of the things that we appreciate is the open nature of the platform, where not only has the feedback that been have given back to the developer community been accepted but also being worked upon.

​In the last couple of years, my team has become very faster, much more agile, and being able to code easier and faster on the Android Studio.

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James Belcher

I'm James, an Android app developer that works with startups around the world to turn ideas into beautiful Android apps.